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Nuggets of Wisdom

May 18th, 2008 40 comments

“It’s never a good idea to reinvent the wheel, but feel free to invent an airplane.”

Technology is growing at an alarming rate. In today’s world, thinking outside the box is not good enough. By the time we think outside the box, it is obsolete. Adding new technology to an obsolete model just doesn’t work. Instead of thinking outside the box, we need to¬†create a new box; sometimes, rebuilding your foundation on new technology is necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

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TED Talks: Predictions

May 1st, 2008 40 comments

This is pretty interesting. If you’ve never heard of TED talks before, I would check out TED is basically an organization that centers around “Ideas Worth Sharing”. Every few months they have these “Talks” where someone comes and speaks about a specific topic. This talk was recorded back in 1984, and speaks to the “Technologies of the Future”, including the first eBooks…Very interesting…

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