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You’re Doing it Right; Why Isn’t it Working?

January 27th, 2009

The Secret to Twitter

Chris Brogan wrote a great post today entitled “You’re Doing it Wrong”.  This fit so well with a post I had drafted last night I decided to turn it into a follow-up post.

Spend 5 minutes on Twitter and you are bound to find an expert, guru, or maven in just about any field; especially social media, marketing, and SEO.

Look at the list Chris put together and you’ll notice a common theme.  Rapid expansion and aggressive marketing is not the secret behind social media.

Social media is not the place for instant celebrity.

But even if you’re not doing it wrong, sometimes it feels like thinks aren’t working. Why?

There are 2 key principles to social media. Two reasons why people often start out doing things right, but end up doing things wrong:

  1. Patience, slow growth wins over aggressive expansion
  2. Build relationships along the way, interact and engage

We don’t like to wait.  The catch-22 of Twitter is it’s speed.  It’s tempting to join a network like Twitter and follow everyone under the sun because it’s easy and that feels like success.  But even if you pick up 500 or 600 auto-follow’s or a few polite follow-backs, you’ll quickly find you’re not the success you think you are.

Social media works because people talk to each other.  Aggressive expansion only results in one-way communication; and that will get you nowhere. 

There are a lot of really good posts about Twitter.  I’m sure you’ve read them, but if you haven’t this is a good starter list: (please add in the comments below more great posts on Twitter and social media)

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