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August 17th, 2009

“The inventor of the system deserves to be ranked among the best contributors to learning and science, if not the greatest benefactors of mankind”

Josiah F Bumstead, 1841

(In reference to the benefits of the chalkboard)

It is important that we constantly remind ourselves that technology is changing every day. True innovation will actually create new problems and ask new questions. With every breakthrough, it is important that we step back and rethink what is considered possible.

As children we learned the right way and the wrong way of doing things. Our education, past experiences and life lessons form the framework we use to make decisions. In today’s workforce, this framework is often called “the box”.

The box is a metaphor of course. It could be a product, an application, or even a business model. When we encounter a problem that we cannot solve, we are encouraged to think “outside the box”, abandon the framework and approach the problem from a new perspective. This type of thinking can occasionally lead to an unorthodox solution, but what happens when the box is the source of the problem?

Project Rethink

Project Rethink was started in May 2008 as an initiative focused on providing the next step toward merging technology and business. To take that step, however, it was necessary to abandon stagnant methodologies and provide a revolutionary, new idea. Project Rethink is the collision of education, collaboration, advertising and cutting-edge technology.

For more information please contact Project Rethink at info at projectrethink dot org

About Me (Shawn Welch)

n17023068_38460759_5531160I am Shawn Welch. I am also an independent multimedia/website designer and developer specializing in web based delivery. I was the Application Coordinator for the Office of Mediated Education at Kansas State University, I now work as a Multimedia Producer for Pearson Education in Boston. I have worked with and managed online applications consistently since early 2001.

I am often called upon for my creative solutions and fresh outlook on problem solving. I have a degree in Computer Engineering specialized in Multimedia and Networking, as well as Minors in Business and Japanese. With 4 years of web application management experience and 6 years of independent design experience I enjoy drawing from my technical expertise, graphics design, UI design, and management backgrounds to connect various pieces of the puzzle drawing out the best in people and projects.

I was born in Manhattan, Kansas (yes there is a Manhattan, Kansas) and I play the trombone, piano and bassoon (once upon a time…). Music is my passion, technology/media is my hobby, and innovation is my obsession.

Feel free to contact me via email here, or just twitter @shawnwelch. For consulting services, please email me using the subject line “Consulting”.

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